National Public Health Week Scavenger Hunt

During National Public Health Week (April 5-11), NACHW will host a virtual scavenger hunt. Participants will search for clues on the NACHW website and submit them through the NACHW Connect page.

From the participant pool, six names will be drawn at random and win a $30 Amazon gift card!


  • You must be a member of NACHW to participate. If you are not yet a member, visit our membership page to learn more.
  • All entries must be received between April 5, 2021 and April 11, 2021. Only entries received on or before April 11, 2021 at 11:59pm ET will be considered in the gift card draw
  • Winners will be announced in our next newsletter on May 5, 2021.

Recommendation: We recommend that you complete this scavenger hunt on a desktop computer. 

Scavenger Hunt Questions:

  1. Home Page: What are NACHW’s values? (List them without the sentence descriptions)
  2. About Page: Which two NACHW board members come from the state of Texas?
  3. Policies Page: List the four authors of the “Sustainable Financing of Community Health Workers Employment” report.
  4. CHW Document Resource Center Page (Under Policies Page): At the bottom of the page under “go to the resource center”, click “no” where it asks if it is your first time visiting the database. Next, click on the black button that says “go to resource library”. Once there, use the keyword search function to search for “Community Health Worker Toolkit: A Guide for Employers”. Once you locate this document, write down the state it is from and the year it was published.
  5. National COVID-19 Resiliency Network (NCRN) Page (Under COVID-19 Page): What is the name of the liaison you would contact if you wanted to talk about anime music, or Harry Potter?
  6. Membership Page: Name two benefits of becoming a NACHW member?
  7. News Page: What did NACHW post in the news page on March 1, 2021?
  8. Events Page: What is the date of the upcoming 2021 Unity Conference and Annual Meeting?
  9. Complete your member profile:
    • On the NACHW home page, click on “login” on the top right corner
    • After logging in, click “Members Area” in the top right corner
    • On the Member Dashboard, click on the “Edit Profile” button on the far right
    • Enter the following information into the member form
      • All required fields (fields with a * next to them)
      • Areas of work
      • Areas of expertise
      • CHW member type
      • Network affiliation
      • Location
      • Employer type
      • Employment or volunteer status
    • Click the Update button at the bottom of the form

TO SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS: Go to the “Connect Page”. Type in your name and email address, and select “Scavenger Hunt” in the subject dropdown. Paste/type your answers into the message body. When done, click “send message.”

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Neena Schulz at [email protected].

Best of luck to everyone!