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Exploring Sustainable Financing for CHWs
The Policy Development Process
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This is the nation’s largest searchable collection of documents on policies around CHWs (mainly on the state level).

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Documents found in this resource center are most useful for: state government officials; CHW leaders; current and potential employers and payers for CHWs; other individuals and stakeholder organizations involved in considering policies on CHWs  This database is not a resource for individual CHWs looking for tools to inform or improve their practice.

This database was supported by Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number 5-NU38OT000286-02, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC has funded decades of work to support the engagement of CHWs and was strategic in leading efforts to complete multiple systematic reviews on the topic, convene the 2019 CHW Forum, and has published extensive volumes of translational research resources to advance the CHW workforce and enhance health equity. To access CDC CHW resources, visit the CDC CHW Resources Gateway

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