Webinar: CHW Medicaid Reimbursement in South Dakota

Webinar: CHW Medicaid Reimbursement in South Dakota


February 7, 2024    
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Learn more about the successes of Medicaid reimbursement for CHW programs in South Dakota. From medical/clinical programs to community-based organizations to dental programs, CHW programs in South Dakota have successfully received Medicaid reimbursement and are excited to share lessons learned and tips for success with other states and CHW programs.  

Featured presenter: Ben Tiensvold

Ben has served as the lead contact for the Community Health Worker Collaborative of South Dakota (CHWSD) since its inception in January 2020. He has led the CHWSD through significant growth over the first three years, in part due to the CDC Health Disparities Grant funding the SD Department of Health received in June of 2021. Ben is passionate about the CHW profession and works to be an ally for all CHWs. Ben previously worked with the SD Department of Health in 2015 and 2016 on Community Health Worker-related introductory projects. This work led to key recommendations for CHWs (which the South Dakota Department of Social Services then used to develop CHW Medicaid reimbursement). Ben has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication Studies and Public Relations from Southwest Minnesota State University and recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Public Health from New Mexico State University.