NACHW and Partners in Health: 2024 Capitol Hill Visit Kickoff Meeting

NACHW and Partners in Health: 2024 Capitol Hill Visit Kickoff Meeting


February 6, 2024    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

NACHW and Partners in Health (PIH) are gearing up for our 2024 Capitol Hill Visit. This webinar is to provide an overview of the event which is scheduled for March 11th- March 14th in Washington DC. NACHW members will be invited to apply to participate in a two-day advocacy agenda that will include a CHW rally, a congressional briefing and coordinated state legislative meetings. This event aims to build off of the incredible momentum NACHW members have had in the past year that has brought critical visibility to the CHW workforce and profession. NACHW is committed to ensuring that the 2024 Capitol Hill Visit will be an equitable representation of our diverse workforce.

Visiting Capitol Hill provides an opportunity to engage with the U.S. legislative process. You can attend congressional sessions, meet with representatives, and explore historical landmarks like the Capitol building and Supreme Court. It’s a chance to witness democracy in action and understand how laws are made.

This webinar is for NACHW members only – to register for this event, visit this link on NACHW MemberClick’s platform (you may have to login to your member profile to access it).

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