The Minority Health Consultants’ Aspiring CHW Scholarship

Minority Health Consultants, in partnership with NACHW is searching for 3 individuals with a desire to further their community advocacy commitment, to bring health equity to minority communities by taking a community health worker class or program (online or in your state). The purpose of this scholarship is to further the community health worker field by introducing members of communities to this profession. It is our belief that when individuals are introduced to the community health worker field or profession we invest back into social justice initiatives, we increase workforce development, we empower marginalized communities and we get closer to ending health disparities.

NACHW was created to unify the voices of community health workers and strengthen the profession’s capacity to promote healthy communities. Our values – self-determination and self-empowerment of our workforce; integrity of character; dignity and respect for every human being, social justice, and equity to ensure fair treatment, access, opportunity and outcomes for all individuals and communities – guide our work. They are north stars we will use to support our members, foster partnerships, advocate nationally, develop strategic objectives, and assess our impact.

Minority Health Consultants will award 3 small grants up to $1,000.

If you are already a CHW, unfortunately, you do not qualify for these scholarships. These scholarships are for future Community Health Workers (Who must be living in the U.S. or its territories).