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If you are looking for a list of CHW Networks (Coalitions, Associations) please click here.

CHW Network and NACHW

If you are a CHW Network, Association, or Coalition or are looking to partner with one, please contact our CHW Network Capacity Building Coordinator, Katherine Martinez, [email protected].

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What is a CHW Network and how does NACHW work with them?

CHW Network Organizations (including Associations and Coalitions) are defined by NACHW as organizations led by or co-led by Community Health Workers (includes promotoras, CHRs, and other titles/identities within our profession) whose mission and activities focus on CHW membership, networking, policy, advocacy, and workforce development.​

Starting a CHW Network Resources:

Sustainable Financing of Community Health Workers Employment


CHW Core Competencies

NACHW Toolkit for Public Health Departments

Help Unify Community Health Workers

Invest in Community Health Workers

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