Envision - Open Roles

Our partner, Envision, is currently in need of qualified candidates for a number of  CHW leadership positions.

They are seeking Community Health Workers and Community Health Worker Ally leaders who have the passion and experience for helping build equitable, healthy communities.  From the local and regional to higher governmental agency level, they will be instrumental in creating sustainable change in the way health is created in our communities.

Envision has been entrusted with CDC funding to make the roles of community health workers more sustainable, creating lasting impact on public health.

Three CHW Coach Positions – Center for Community Health Alignment
Opens 1/31/22.  Closes 2/28/22.
(These are remote positions.)
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Envision Evaluation Program Manager – LSU Health New Orleans
(This is a local position with the opportunity to live and thrive in New Orleans.)
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If you – or someone you know – is passionate about helping build equitable, healthy communities, then we encourage you to apply and share these opportunities.

Thank you for your part in improving health equity!



Envision provides training and technical assistance to CDC funded Community Health Workers for COVID Response and Resilient Communities (CDC CCR 2109) recipients.  Read more.


The Envision mission is to help those communities hardest hit by COVID and to do so in the most equitable and effective way possible.

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