Community Health Workers united nationally to support communities in achieving health, equity and social justice.

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COVID-19 Resources for Community Health Workers

Our Mission

To unify the voices of the community health workers and strengthen the profession’s capacity to promote healthy communities.

Our Values


Promoting self-actualization and self-advocacy among community health workers.

Social Justice & Equity

Ensuring fair treatment, access, opportunity advancement and outcomes for individuals and communities.


Promoting the efforts of the community health workers, and the communities in which they work to create a shared vision and direction for the future.

Dignity & Respect

Building trusted relationships based on honoring the inherent value and contributions of every person irrespective of socioeconomic class, religion, race, national origin, language spoken, immigration status, abilities or disabilities, age, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression.


Encouraging collaboration among community health workers to promote a common professional identity regardless of job title or work-setting.


Promoting and nurturing the authenticity and character of the community health worker profession and promoting the contributions made by Community Health Workers toward eliminating health disparities and advancing.

We’re uniting community health workers to pursue health equity and social justice. Ready to join with us?

How You Can Partner

Learn About Community Health Workers

Learn more about what community health workers do to help improve the health and well-being of their communities, and stay on top of issues that matter.

Invest in Community Health Workers

Are you passionate about the work of community health workers across the nation? Consider a tax-deductible donation to help us pursue our mission.