Workgroup on Workforce Development for Community Health Workers: Final Report to the Maryland General Assembly

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DocID: Natl4
Authors: Hogan L, Rutherford B, Mitchell V, Redmer A
Year: 2015
State: NatDoc: National Document
Website link:…_NY_NM.pdf
Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: Competencies, Grandparenting language and processes, Process and development, Training and training programs

The Workgroup on Workforce Development for Community Health Workers was required to report its findings and recommendations to the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and the House Health and Government Operations Committee by June 1, 2015. The Workgroup carried out this review with a careful sensitivity to the contribution that CHWs can make to the whole health system. Ultimately, it is this demonstration of value that will justify workforce development for CHWs and allow them to benefit from sustainable funding streams.

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