Wisconsin Apprenticeship Manual

Seq ID: 534
DocID: WI6
Authors: Informational Subcommittee of the Wisonsin Apprenticeship Advisory Council and the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards
Year: 2011
State: WI
Website link: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/apprenticeship/pdf/wisconsin-apprenticeship-manual.pdf
Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: Legislative language and bills, State input in process
Evidence Generation: White papers
Workforce Development: General

This document is comprised of a compilation of Wisconsin’s rules and regulations governing its Registered Apprenticeship Program. Included are: Wisconsin Statute 106, Apprentice Programs; DWD 295, Apprenticeship; and DWD 296, Federal Equal Opportunity Standards for Apprenticeship Programs. For 100 years, the Wisconsin Registered Apprenticeship Program has provided training to rigorous industry standards in a variety of occupations. While registered apprenticeship remains a unique on the job training option that benefits apprentices and employers alike, its future growth and continued success require that it
adapt and reflect changes in the American workplace. These changes are reflected in the revised rules and regulations included in this document. They provide the framework for a flexible apprenticeship program by including options for both program sponsors and apprentices that address the needs of the state’s economy and provide for the development of a skilled, competitive workforce.

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