Winning Policy Change to Promote Community Health Workers: Lessons from Massachusetts in the health Reform Era

Seq ID: 189
DocID: MA21
Authors: Mason T, Wilkinson G, Nannini A, Martin C, Fox Durrell, Hirsch G
Year: 2011
State: MA
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Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: CHW input in process, Process and development, State input in process, Role of state government
Policy: Building partnerships, Identifying policy expertise within state, Lessons learned from other states
Sustainable Financing: Engaging state partners in general
Workforce Development: CDC input on state-level strategic planning, National endorsement/stance on CHWs

There is a national movement among CHWs to improve compensation, working conditions, and recognition for the workforce through organizing for policy change. As some of the key advocates involved, we describe the development in Massachusetts of an authentic collaboration between strong CHW leaders of a growing statewide CHW association and their public health allies. Collaborators worked toward CHW workforce and public health objectives through alliance building and organizing legislative advocacy, and education in the context of opportunities afforded by health care reform.

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