WI Pre-Apprenticeship Readiness Program

Seq ID: 531
DocID: WI3
Authors: Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards and the WI Apprenticeship Advisory Council
Year: 2015
State: WI
Website link: https://www.explorevr.org/sites/explorevr.org/files/files/WI-Pre-Apprenticeship-Readiness-Program_DETA-17818-P_(N%200715).pdf
Publicly Available: Yes
Workforce Development: General

The purpose of the Wisconsin Pre-Apprenticeship Readiness program is to ensure that apprenticeship readiness programs provide quality instruction and related work experience. The Wisconsin program guidelines are based on US DOL TEN 13-12 and the Pre-Apprenticeship Program Requirements developed by the Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council. This document describes the required components of training and curriculum, strategies for long-term success, and access to appropriate support sources.

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