Training Community Health Workers in Motivational Interviewing to Promote Cancer Screening

Seq ID: 164
DocID: KY14
Authors: Brandford A, Adegboyega A, Combs B, Hatcher J
Year: 2018
State: KY
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Publicly Available: Yes
Workforce Development: CHW training programs (not cert.)

Health disparities researchers attempting to engage and effectively deliver interventions to underserved populations often encounter a number of challenges ranging from geographical considerations to more complex issues of medical mistrust. While there are a number of strategies researchers may employ to address these challenges, one of the most successful of these has been the use of community health workers (CHWs). Despite the documented success of CHWs, little information exists on the use of theory-driven intervention strategies with these community partners. Researchers who have partnered with CHWs tend to provide brief descriptions of training strategies and provide little
discussion of the challenges and barriers to training a lay population in the delivery of technical interventions, including ensuring fidelity to the intervention protocol. The purpose of this article is to describe the feasibility of training CHWs to deliver a motivational interviewing intervention to promote cancer screening in underserved populations. With this article we present an innovative way to use motivational interviewing delivered by CHWs. Specifically, we will detail the development of the training protocol, the implementation of that training in a variety of research settings, and the development and implementation of fidelity protocols. We will use examples from two research studies where CHWs were successfully trained to use MI to promote cancer screening in underserved communities to highlight the challenges and barriers faced in developing and implementing the training and strategies used to overcome these challenges during the refinement of the intervention.

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