Statewide Community Health Worker Employer Survey Results

Authors: Texas Department of State Health Services
Year: 2020
State: TX
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Billing and Reimbursement:
Certification: Administration - certification boards state health departments etc., CHW role scope of practice, General other, Process and development, Role of state government, State input in process
Evidence Generation:
Policy: Building partnerships, General language around CHW WD
Sustainable Financing: General other, Surveys and assessment tools to define and develop workforce
Workforce Development: General other (including mention of “employment practices”), Outreach campaigns to identify CHWs, Outreach education and TA to employers on CHW generally

Results for 2020 survey completed by the Texas Department of State Health Services to determine what types of organizations currently employ CHWs, what job duties and responsibilities CHWs fulfill, how CHWs are compensated, and what professional development needs CHWs have.

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