State Health Assessment: Nebraska

Seq ID: 311
DocID: NE17
Authors: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Year: 2016
State: NE
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Workforce Development: Chronic Disease, General

The purpose of the State Health Assessment (SHA) is to serve as the foundation for setting statewide public health priorities. The 2017‐2021 Nebraska State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) will establish statewide public health priorities. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen public health system partnerships, which will lead to better coordination of services and resources with less duplication, and increase the appreciation and awareness of public health services. This comprehensive assessment process is critical to assure that we are taking a data‐driven approach to setting state performance measures to continuously improve health in Nebraska. Additionally, the assessment process better prepares the entire Nebraska public health system to anticipate, manage, and respond to changes.

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