State Approaches to Community Health Worker Financing through Medicaid State Plan Amendments (Blog Post, Dec 7, 2022)

Authors: Rush C, Higgins E, Wilkniss S
Year: 2022
State: NatDoc: National Document
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Policy: Lessons learned from other states, MCO contract language and reimbursement models
Sustainable Financing: All, How to engage and work with Medicaid, Including community-based CHWs, Billing/CPT codes, MCO or bundled payment reimbursement models, White papers

This blog post summarizes Medicaid State Plan Amendments (SPAs) approved for w reimbursement in ten states as of late 2022.  It summarizes key features and observed trends from the earlier (2008) to the present.  Includes a summary table of SPA features.

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