Personality of Community Health Workers on Health Intervention Research Teams: A Scoping Review

Authors: Coulter K, Maia I, McClelland J, and Abby Lohr
Year: 2020
State: NatDoc: National Document
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: CHW role scope of practice, Competencies
Evidence Generation: Documentation of how CHWs can work within care teams, Evidence-based interventions, General other, White papers
Sustainable Financing: Expand evidence base, Including community-based CHWs
Workforce Development: General other (including mention of “employment practices”)

This scoping review synthesizes evidence regarding the kinds of health research studies involving CHWs, CHWs’ roles in implementing health intervention research, their positionality on research teams, and how their involvement benefits health intervention research. The scoping review includes peer-reviewed health intervention articles published between 2008–2018 in the U.S.

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