Local Change, Big Impact: State and Local Policy Responses to Community Needs

State and local policy is critical to the work that local organizations and nonprofits do to advance equitable outcomes for their communities. These programs and policies often determine the level of public resources available to these entities, and help shape the broader landscape of housing affordability, job quality, and a host of other issues from policing […]

Leveraging Accountable Communities for Health to Meet CalAIM Goals

The Department of Health Care Services recently launched the CalAIM initiative, which stands for California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal. CalAIM proposes a framework to guide upcoming Medicaid transformation initiatives, including waiver renewals, as the state’s current 1115 waiver (Medi-Cal 2020) and 1915(b) waiver come to a close in 2020. CalAIM provides an opportunity for policymakers […]

Harmonizing the CHW and social work relationship to advance health equity Presentation

Evidence indicates CHWs encounter resistance from social workers in various contexts, due to concern about CHWs displacing social workers as a primary workforce involved in addressing non-medical factors underlying preventable and costly illness. Health care providers may consider CHWs as less expensive alternatives to social workers for assessing health-related social needs, identifying community-based resources, and […]