Oklahoma Health Workforce Action Plan – Building a Transformed Health Workforce: Moving from Planning to Implementation

Seq ID: 380
DocID: OK2
Authors: Oklahoma Health Workforce
Year: Unknown
State: OK
Website link: https://www.ok.gov/health2/documents/HealthWorkforcePolicyAcademyActionPlanCondensed.pdf
Publicly Available: Yes
Evidence Generation: General
Policy: Building partnerships, MCO contract language and reimbursement models, General language around CHW WD

Document detailing the Oklahoma Health Workforce Plan. The implementation of the strategies and action steps contained within the plan will serve to support the state’s health reform efforts. The work achieved through this process will also set a precedent for future policy endeavors that aim to establish collaborative initiatives that integrate state priorities and develop cross-cutting approaches to improving the lives of all Oklahomans.

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