Many Ingredients, One Sublime Dish: The Recipe for the Passage of Illinois HB5412 Into Law.

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DocID: IL1
Authors: Baté-Ambrus V, Castillo A, Martinez E, Campbell J, Boughton-Price L, Kapheim M, Arrom J, Hernandez W, et al
Year: 2015
State: IL
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Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: CHW input in process, General, Legislative language and bills, Process and development
Evidence Generation: White papers
Policy: Building partnerships, General, Legislative language, Lessons learned from other states
Sustainable Financing: Expand evidence base, Engaging state partners in general, How to engage and work with Medicaid
Workforce Development: General

Abstract: This article contextualizes the need for Illinois House Bill 5412 (HB5412), which calls for the establishment of a state board to create recommendations for the community health worker (CHW) field in Illinois, including a scope of practice, core competencies, training and certification standards, and sustainable funding and reimbursement mechanisms. Multisectoral partnerships and their outputs, coupled with frontline CHW interventions, created a synergistic climate conducive to the passing of this historic CHW legislation. This article provides a timeline and recipe for legislative success as described through processes and activities collaboratively undertaken, concentrating on a 5-year period (2009-2014). Key words: coalitions, community campus partnership, community health workers, policy

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