Kentucky House Bill 525: An Act relating to community health workers – Final Draft

Authors: K. Moser, K. Banta, S. Heavrin, K. King, R. Palumbo, C. Stevenson, B. Wheatley, L. Willner
Year: 2022
State: KY
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: Funding of certification, Legislative language bills etc., Role of state government
Policy: General language around CHW WD, General other, Legislative language, Lessons learned from other states
Sustainable Financing: Engaging state partners in general, How to engage and work with Medicaid, Education to HC orgs on payment options bundled etc., Reimbursement TA for FQHCs Medicaid etc.

This is the final draft of Kentucky House Bill 525, which calls for the Kentucky House to create a new section of KRS Chapter 205 to require Medicaid reimbursement for certain services provided by certified community health workers; create new sections of KRS Chapter 309 to establish community health worker certification; amend KRS 205.6497 to require the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program to reimburse certain services provided by certified community health workers.

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