Illinois HB0158

Year: 2021
State: IL
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: Administration - certification boards state health departments etc., General other, Legislative language bills etc., Process and development, Role of state government
Policy: Legislative language
Sustainable Financing: How to engage and work with Medicaid

This Act may be referred to as the Illinois Health Care and Human Service Reform Act. The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus finds that, in order to improve the health outcomes of Black residents in the State of Illinois, it is essential to dramatically reform the State’s health and human service system. Therefore, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, as informed by the Senate’s Health and Human Service Pillar subject matter hearings, seeks to remedy a fraction of a much larger broken system by addressing access to health care, hospital closures, managed care organization reform, community health worker certification, maternal and infant mortality, mental and substance abuse treatment, hospital reform, and medical implicit bias in the Illinois Health Care and Human Service Reform Act.

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