House Bill 2426 community health workers: voluntary certification

Seq ID: 8
DocID: AZ3
Authors: State of Arizona House of Representatives
Year: 2017
State: AZ
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Publicly Available: Yes
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Certification: Administration - certification boards and state health departments, CHW roles and scope of practice, Competencies, Continuing education, Funding of certification, Legislative language and bills, Process and development, Training and training programs
Evidence Generation:
Policy: Legislative language
Sustainable Financing:
Workforce Development:

CHW advisory board recommendations for bill regarding standards and requirements of CHW education and training programs, standards and requirements of continuing education courses for the renewal of a CHW certificate, minimum education, training, experience and other qualifications that certified CHWs must possess to qualify as a trainer for CHWs, the core competencies of CHWs, and the type of certification examination to assess CHW competency.

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