History of New River Health Association Outreach Programs

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Authors: New River Health Association
Year: Unknown
State: WV

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Since 1978 the New River Health Association (NRHA) has operated a community-based primary care program in Fayette County in southern West Virginia. The New Haven, Plateau and Valley districts of Fayette County are medically underserved. NRHA provides services to people in all the life cycle stages by operating a community health center with four locations. Primary care services are available at clinics in Scarbro, Whipple and Lookout. Administration, billing and health outreach programs are conducted at the Robinson Annex. NRHA sponsors five school-based health centers at Mt. Hope High and Elementary Schools, Richwood Junior High School, Oak Hill High School, and Collins Middle School. Behavioral health services are offered at the New River Health, Scarbro and all school-based health centers. The mission of the NRHA is to promote the health, human and economic development, and well-being of individuals and our community through caring and competent health services, education, creativity and teamwork.”

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