Feasibility of a Web-Based Training System for Peer Community Health Advisors in Cancer Early Detection Among African Americans

Authors: Santos, S., Tagai, E., Wang, M., and Scheirer, M.
Year: 2014
State: NatDoc: National Document
Website link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/266974451_Feasibility_of_a_Web-Based_Training_System_for_Peer_Community_Health_Advisors_in_Cancer_Early_Detection_Among_African_Americans
Publicly Available: Yes
Evidence Generation: Documentation of how CHWs can work within care teams, Evidence-based interventions, General other, White papers
Workforce Development: CDC expand CHW work into SDOH, CDC input on state-level strategic planning, CHW training programs (not cert.), Data sharing between social services and clinical teams, General other (including mention of “employment practices”), Training- Content modes delivery

We describe the feasibility of a Web-based portal for training peer community health advisors (CHAs). We conducted a community-based implementation trial in African American churches between 2012 and 2014. The Web-based portal allows CHAs to log in and view 13 training videos, preparing them to deliver 3 cancer early detection workshops in their churches. Of 8 churches, 6 completed the training, each certifying 2 CHAs. These CHAs took an average of 26 days to complete the training, requiring little technical assistance. Additional technical assistance was required to implement the workshops. The Web-based system appears to be a feasible method for training lay individuals for the CHA role and has implications for increasing the reach of evidence-based interventions.

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