Community Health Workers in Vermont: Professional Identity Snapshot

Year: 2020
State: VT
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: CHW role scope of practice
Evidence Generation: General other, Surveys and assessment tools to define and develop workforce
Policy: General language around CHW WD
Workforce Development: CDC expand CHW work into SDOH, Chronic Disease, CHW training programs (not cert.), General other (including mention of “employment practices”)

This brief provides a summary of key data points derived from a May 2020 surveyi of 85 community health workers (CHW) and 24 CHW supervisors from across Vermont. The survey, conducted by the Vermont Department of Health (VDH), in collaboration with the Vermont CHW Steering Committee, represents an initial effort by VDH to collect information about the roles, scope of work, skills and training of the current CHW workforce in the state.

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