Community health workers united nationally to support communities in achieving health, equity, and social justice.

Denise Octavia Smith

MBA, CHW, PN, Executive Director

Aurora GrantWingate

Members & Partners Engagement Manager

Bernadine Jeranyama

Associate Director of Communications

Neena Schultz

Strategic Project Manager

Mikayla Trujillo

CPSW/CCHW, Leadership Development Manager

Peter Sallale

Marketing and Technology Associate

Karla Salinas

Project & Marketing Associate

Angie Kuzma

MPH, CHW, CHW Network Policy & Advocacy Manager

Allison Joslyn

Data and Evaluation Manager

Marlys Vaughan

Senior Finance Manager

Katherine Martinez

Strategic Initiatives Manager

Tasha Whitaker

CHW Network Manager

Michael Matthies

Technology Project Manager

Marlene Rivera

Executive Administrative Manager