NJ FamilyCare Comprehensive Demonstration: Draft Renewal Proposal

Authors: New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services
Year: 2021
State: NJ
Website link: https://www.njsnap-ed.gov/humanservices/dmahs/home/1115_NJFamilyCare_Comprehensive_Demonstration_Draft_Proposal.pdf
Publicly Available: Yes
Policy: Building partnerships, General language around CHW WD, General other, MCO contract language and reimbursement models
Sustainable Financing: CMS and CDC engagement from a national level, Engaging state partners in general, Expand evidence base, General other, How to engage and work with Medicaid, Including community-based CHWs, MCO or bundled payment reimbursement models
Workforce Development: CDC expand CHW work into SDOH, Data sharing between social services and clinical teams, General other (including mention of “employment practices”)

New Jersey’s Medicaid program and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) operate under a single, unified 1115 demonstration: the New Jersey FamilyCare Comprehensive Demonstration. This demonstration is currently in its second five-year performance period, which is slated to expire on June 30, 2022. Consistent with terms and conditions of the approved demonstration, New Jersey intends to submit a renewal application to CMS by the end of October 2021.

This draft proposal gives a brief overview of the history, accomplishments and goals of the demonstration; identifies previously approved demonstration elements, and specifies whether the State proposes to extend, end, or modify each; identifies wholly new program elements the State will submit as part of its renewal request; identifies specific waivers and expenditure authorities the State anticipates requesting as part of its renewal request; describes and updates the State’s evaluation and monitoring strategy for the demonstration; and projects expenditures under the demonstration and how they relate to federal budget neutrality requirements.

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