Community Health Workers: Minimize Healthcare Cost and Increase Access

Seq ID: 450
DocID: TX7
Authors: Children at Risk Public Policy and Law Center
Year: 2010
State: TX

Publicly Available: No
Evidence Generation: White papers, ROI and bundled payment successes/challenges
Policy: General
Sustainable Financing: General

Community health workers (CHWs) work one-on-one with patients to ensure utilization of Primary Care Providers instead of costly emergency rooms. Data indicates that utilization of CHWs has led to reduction of Medicaid costs and unnecessary ER visits, leading to cost savings in numerous settings. CHWs have also shown strong results in reducing premature and low birthweight deliveries and managing chronic disease, leading to reduced costs, and in improving access to services and utilization of primary care. Children at Risk proposes that the Texas Legislature instruct the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to promote CHW utilization in health settings and create sustainable public and private funding streams. The possible avenues for funding may include, but are not limited to, federal Medicaid waivers.

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