Community Health Workers in Monterey County: A Report on Competencies, Training, and Best Practices with Recommendations for Expansion

Authors: Prepared for Monterey County Health Department by the Institute for Community Collaborative Studies California State University Monterey Bay
Year: 2018
State: CA

Publicly Available: Yes
Certification: CHW role scope of practice, Competencies, General other
Evidence Generation: Results from pilots studies etc. that aren't published in formal literature, Surveys and assessment tools to define and develop workforce
Sustainable Financing: General other
Workforce Development: CDC expand CHW work into SDOH, Chronic Disease, CHW training programs (not cert.), General other (including mention of “employment practices”), Training- Content modes delivery, Training- Continuing education

An earlier PFMC report identified health care providers’ current (and potential) utilization of CHWs and their interest in developing a locally relevant CHW training program. This report provides organizations interested in engaging CHWs with timely information to help them use these new health care workers to improve access to needed health care services for all Monterey County residents.

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