Community Health Advisor Legislation: Research and Analysis of U.S. Congressional Legislation Concerning Community Health Advisors

Seq ID: 504
DocID: VA1
Authors: Virginia Center for Health Outreach
Year: Unknown
State: VA

Publicly Available: No
Policy: General, Legislative language

This research and analysis was done at the request of the Virginia Center for Health Outreach. This is the first phase (Phase One) a two-phase study on U.S. Congressional legislation concerning Community Health Advisors (CHA). Research indicates that eighteen bills, all proposed between 1994 and 1996, are the only CHA legislation within the last 20 years. Phase One analyzes nine of the eighteen bills. The other nine bills will be addressed in the second phase of the study (Phase Two). The set considered in Phase One deals with specific legislation that was designed comprehensively for CHAs and the populations they serve. By comparison, the other set of bills to be analyzed in Phase Two are part of a broader legislative initiative that focuses solely on chronically underserved populations in rural areas, but with CHAs playing a significant role in the initiative.

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