Asthma Home Visits: The Three-Visit Model: How Washington State partners are approaching asthma home visiting

State: WA
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This tool kit was created to inform organizations who may be interested in starting or redesigning an asthma home visit program about the three-visit model and our experiences using it in Washington. The tools and experiences in this tool kit are not intended to replace normal training that home visitors should receive prior to providing home visiting services to the public. Organizations are encouraged to seek proper training and education for their home visitors. Training may include topics such as home visitor safety, motivational interviewing, trigger reduction, medication adherence guidelines, and proper device use. Free or inexpensive training opportunities may be found through local or state health departments, hospitals, asthma coalitions, or non-profits such as the American-Lung Association.

The three-visit model has two main purposes.

  1. Assess and increase the participant’s knowledge about their disease and how to manage it.
  2. Identify and eliminate triggers in the home.

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