Re: Gun Violence across the United States

Our hearts at NACHW are with the communities of Tulsa, OK, Uvalde, TX, Buffalo, NY, Laguna Woods, CA, and all communities affected by gun violence. Please read this statement from NACHW Executive Director, Denise Smith regarding gun violence in the United States. Statement here

Members Only Survey: NACHW Policy Platform

The NACHW National Policy Platform is important tool to promote national professional identity, leadership and capacity of CHWs and CHW networks. It was created and expanded between 2020 and 2021 through town hall calls with over 30 CHW Associations, 3 national CHW polls, numerous partner meetings, member input on the Biden administration’s national plan to

Addressing Systemic Inequities and Racism in Community-Based Organization Funding

Originally published November 15th, 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has both strained and exposed our country’s deep under-investment and under-valuing of community-based organizations (CBOs) and workforces (CBWs) – including food banks, churches, shelters, health advocates/navigators, Promotores and others – like never before. These organizations and community members have long played a critical role in delivering services and support tailored to address the downstream

Kids will soon be getting the vaccine, but several equity issues still stand in the way for BIPOC

Originally published October 29th, 2021 Twenty-eight million children are one step closer to receiving their COVID-19 vaccines. This week, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee voted to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for all kids ages 5-11 after reviewing clinical trial data. The vaccine is slightly different than the one for adults:  “The main difference is

COVID-19 front lines need community health workers, yet they’re not getting needed support

Originally published May 4, 2021 As a community health worker and executive director of the National Association of Community Health Workers, I’ve spent the past year gathering insights about the mental and emotional challenges for the people on the front lines of pandemic response in neighborhoods across America. I know well the anxiety and guilt they feel trying to comfort and support

To Strengthen The Public Health Response To COVID-19, We Need Community Health Workers

Originally published May 6th, 2020 The public health system is a critical firewall to reduce community spread of COVID-19 and to relieve the unsustainable pressure the US health care system is experiencing as a result of the pandemic. Community health workers (CHWs)—frontline public health staff who conduct outreach and build trust with vulnerable populations in

Waymark – National Community Health Worker Lead (Remote)

Waymark is a team of healthcare providers, technologists, and builders whose mission is to bring the best healthcare to people with Medicaid benefits.  Guided by the communities we serve, we bring support and technology-enabled care to help primary care providers keep Medicaid patients healthy.  We are building the tools and designing an approach to enable

Open CHW Positions – MHP Salud

MHP Salud, a national non-profit agency that implements Community Health Worker programs, is currently seeking several positions for CHWs who will work remotely from their homes and in their communities. These positions will be in located in El Paso County, Maverick County, Webb County, Nueces County and Bexar County, Texas. Please visit our website to