NACHW Partnerships and Sponsorships


NACHW is proud to partner with so many amazing CHW Leaders, CHW Organizations, and Ally Organizations of many kinds. On this page, you will find resources about how to partner with NACHW. 

While many of our partners are also our members, this page is about creating partnerships with NACHW beyond our membership. For more information about NACHW membership, visit

Before contacting NACHW, you may want to watch and/or read some of our webinars and publications: 

     NACHW Webinar: Certify or Not to Certify

–      NACHW National Policy Platform

–     One-Pager:  Sustainable Financing of Community Health Workers Employment

–     Full Report: Sustainable Financing of CHW Employment

–    One-Pager: From Crisis to Opportunity: Resources and Guidance that CHWs Want from Employers During the Pandemic

–     Full Report: From Crisis to Opportunity: Resources and Guidance that CHWs Want from Employers During the Pandemic

Ways NACHW Partners with CHW Networks, Associations, and Organizations

  1. Request a meeting to talk about your goals and how NACHW can provide assistance
  2. Request a meeting around your CHW policy goals (ex. Medicaid financing, establishing a CHW Associations, or workforce study).
  3. Invite NACHW to your meetings and conferences to give a presentation or just listen to goals and concerns.

Ways NACHW Partners with Ally Organizations

  1. Request an exploratory meeting to see how we can partner. 
  2. Request NACHW to give a presentation at your meetings, panel, or webinar. 
  3. Help facilitate partnerships with CHW Leaders and CHW Networks. 
  4. Advise on National CHW Mobilization.

Interested in exploring a partnership with NACHW? Please complete this google form and a member of our team will contact you shortly. 

Strategic Sponsorship and Annual Unity Conference

NACHW Strategic Sponsors recognize the unique history, experience and impact of Community Health Workers. They
share common values and vision to support communities in achieving health, equity, and social justice. NACHW has many different strategic sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year and during our annual Unity Conference.

Learn more about how you can engage in sponsorship with NACHW.:



Interested in having someone from NACHW give a presentation, speak on a panel, or share resources in another form? Please complete this google form and a member of our team will contact you shortly. 

Are you a CHW Leader looking to share your insight, research, or presentation with other organizations? NACHW is in the process of developing a Speakers Bureau, where outside organizations who are looking for specialized or local CHW perspectives can reach out and be matched with a CHW with that expertise. To join the Speakers Bureau, please complete this google form. 

If you are an organization looking for a CHW to present on a specific topic please reach out to Aurora GrantWingate,, to be matched with someone from the Speakers Bureau. 

Request for NACHW Policy Review Form:

Please fill out this form if you would like to request input from NACHW on a state-level or organizational policy, paper, position statement, or another related item. You can also use this form to request NACHW’s participation in a CHW policy-related workgroup, roundtable, or other CHW policy-related event. Please note the following:
  • Due to capacity constraints, we can take on a limited number of requests.
  • We will prioritize and make every effort to work on requests from NACHW members, community-based organizations (CBOs), and CHW Networks (defined as state/regional organizations, associations, or coalitions comprised of 50% or more of CHWs in leadership and membership, and whose mission and activities focus on CHW training, workforce development, mentoring, member mobilization, and cross-sector networking, and advocacy).
  • We will notify you with an update and some next steps within five business days.
  • We may follow up with additional questions. Requests are considered incomplete until we receive all information necessary to process your request.
  • Please keep in mind that NACHW does not endorse individual training programs or curricula, candidates for any political office, or legislation.