NACHW at APHA 2022

NACHW will be attending the 2022 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo in Boston. NACHW staff and leadership will be engaged in several events and presentations throughout the weekend. Although this expo is an in-person event, those who will not be in Boston for the weekend will still be able to view the session! APHA will be hosting a digital version of APHA 2022 on Nov. 14-16. This will include access to recordings of more than 120 sessions from the Annual Meeting.


November 4-5, 2022

Pre-APHA CHW Summit: Working in Solidarity with CHWs to Address Racism and Structural Inequities

Working in Solidarity with CHWs to Address Racism and Structural Inequities

The 2022 Pre-APHA CHW Summit will equip CHWs and CHW employers with tools and resources to address racism and structural inequities that impact the CHW profession. This two-day in-person national workshop will bring together CHWs and CHW allies, advocates, and champions from across sectors (e.g., community and faith-based organization leaders, health and human service providers, academia, payers, businesses, and government officials). Join us and build your capacity to equitably strengthen the CHW profession. Supported by, CommUnity Healing through Activism & Strategic Mobilization (CHASM), the American Public Health Association (APHA) CHW Section, and additional partners. Certificates of Completion will be available for CHWs as well as Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


November 6, 2022

CHW State of the Union: Updates from National CHW Workforce Initiatives

Results of a National 2021 Survey Describing CHW Professional Identity, Racial Equity, Leadership and Capacity

The National Association of Community Health Workers recruited, contracted with and coordinated 11 CHW leaders from across the country in 2021 to develop a national survey to explore CHW national professional identity, policy leadership, racial equity and organizational capacity. Our study engaged 867 CHW respondents in a 51 question quantitative survey, across 591 different zip codes, 27 different languages and 93 unique job titles represented. Initial analysis and summary was provided by Dr. Sanjay, MD, PhD and Nashia Choudhury, MPH. Final analysis conducted with national CHW leaders through an equity lens, considering questions by race, ethnicity, region and years of experience as a CHW, revealed unifying language among national CHWs about values and leadership qualities; dissemination of the CHW Core Consensus Project; pay and career advancement inequity by region and race/ethnicity; as well as opportunities to for capacity building, policy and advocacy for sustainability of the CHW profession.

Learn more about the work by visiting:


November 6, 2022

Poster Session: CHWs Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Centering Community Health Workers and Cultural Competence in the Federal Distribution of COVID-19 Rapid At-Home Tests

In response to the White House COVID-19 Response Team’s launch of, the National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW) developed and implemented a multi-level initiative to recruit, build skills, and provide access to resources, tools, and strategies for community health workers (CHWs) and members of community-based organizations (CBOs). NACHW disseminated information regarding www.covidtests.govto its national network of CHWs and Community-based Organizations (CBOs) operating on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic in vulnerable and underserved communities, diverse in language, culture, ethnicity, and geography.

The results of these efforts, along with the vital partnership of Dia de la Mujer Latina will be highlighted in this poster session.

Visit the NACHW webpage for this initiative at: