NACHW’s Focus on Diabetes for Healthy Vision Month

May is Health Vision Month and this May NACHW wants to celebrate and highlight our partnership with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) through their Focus on Diabetes (FOD) initiative. During this webinar, attendees will hear about ADA’s plans for Healthy Vision Month, walkthrough NACHW’s free Focus on Diabetes resource training and resources, and learn about how to educate using these resources. 

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) with support from VSP® Vision Care and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. has launched the Focus on Diabetes™ (FOD) initiative to focus on the crucial role annual comprehensive eye exams play in the early detection, intervention, and prevention of eye disease and vision loss caused by diabetes. By targeting the gaps in the most prevalent comorbidities associated with diabetes, this campaign helps to bend the curve in preventing and reducing the risk of diabetes-related eye disease. 

The FOD initiative supports health care providers in educating their patients both at-risk and living with diabetes on the importance of annual comprehensive eye exams. FOD increases patients’ engagement in the early detection, intervention and prevention of eye disease and vision loss caused by diabetes. Additional information about the ADA’s FOD initiative can be found here:

As part of Focus on Diabetes, the ADA has partnered with NACHW to create a resource training on diabetes and how it relates to eye health.

Date and time: May 10th, 3-4pm EST

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