NACHW Policy Webinar: January 13, 2021

Please join us for our next NACHW quarterly policy call on January 13th at 2pm Eastern, hosted by the NACHW Policy Committee.  This one hour call is open to all NACHW members!  We will discuss recent developments in state and national CHW policy issues, and we will dedicate time to troubleshooting some common CHW policy challenges that our members, like you, are facing. Please fill out the registration form and let us know if there is an issue you would like your colleagues to weigh-in on during the call.  If so, please be prepared to give a very brief (30 seconds-1 minute) overview of your issue so that we have time to provide support to as many participants as possible.

This a member only event. If you are a member, please login to your account and in the member dashboard, navigate to events. If you are not a member of NACHW, please consider becoming one, and learning more at