Supporting the Integration of Community Health Workers into Health Care Teams in California

Authors: Chapman S, Schindel J, and Miller J
Year: 2017
State: CA
Website link:
Publicly Available: Yes
Billing and Reimbursement:
Certification: CHW role scope of practice, Process and development, Role of state government
Evidence Generation:
Policy: Building partnerships, Identifying policy expertise within state
Sustainable Financing: General other, Including community-based CHWs, Results from pilots studies etc. that aren't published in formal literature, ROI and bundled payment successes/challenges, Surveys and assessment tools to define and develop workforce
Workforce Development: CHW training programs (not cert.), Data sharing between social services and clinical teams, General other (including mention of “employment practices”), Outreach campaigns to identify CHWs, Promotores, Recruiting and convening CHWs stakeholders, Training- Content modes delivery

Community health workers (CHWs) and promotores de salud are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of high quality and equitable health related services, particularly to vulnerable populations. Utilizing a Theory of Change framework, this report connects intervention and support opportunities across the spectrum of policy, care delivery and workforce development to drive collective action toward integrating this complex and critically important role into health care teams in California.

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