Advancing Health Equity Through Community Health Workers and Peer Providers: Mounting Evidence and Policy Recommendations

Authors: Families USA
Year: 2019
State: NatDoc: National Document

Publicly Available: Yes
Billing and Reimbursement:
Evidence Generation:
Sustainable Financing: Expand evidence base, General other, Documentation of how CHWs can work within care teams, Evidence-based interventions, ROI and bundled payment successes/challenges
Workforce Development: CDC expand CHW work into SDOH, Chronic Disease, Data sharing between social services and clinical teams, General other (including mention of “employment practices”)

This report reviews results from nine recent studies funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) that provide further support for including community health workers (CHWs) and peer providers (PPs) as important components of health care delivery that are particularly effective in addressing health and health care inequities. These studies underscore the enormous value of CHWs and PPs, an often overlooked, usually underutilized, yet highly versatile health workforce, as powerful health equity change agents. To facilitate scaling and integration of CHWs and PPs across the health care system, we translate this evidence into equity-focused policy recommendations for advocates to promote and decision-makers to adopt.

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