Virtual patient navigator and CHW focus groups

March 15th, 2020

Susan G Komen’s African American Health Equity Initiative(AAHEI), is working with JSI, a public health research and consulting organization, to identify the root causes behind the disparities in breast cancer late-stage diagnosis and mortality among Black/African-American women across 11 US metropolitan areas.

JSI is looking to schedule virtual patient navigator and community health work focus groups in Baltimore, Dallas Ft. Worth, DC, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Virginia (Newport News, Norfolk, and Portsmouth). The 60-minute discussion will focus on factors that drive late-stage breast cancer diagnosis and mortality rates among African American women in live in one of the metropolitan areas listed above.

If you are interested and work in Baltimore, Dallas, DC, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Virginia (Newport News, Norfolk, and Portsmouth), please call JSI at 833-948-1250 and leave your name and phone number or email at Focus group participants will receive a small token of appreciation participation.


  • June 9, 2020 by 

    Although my community is not included, it should be noted that Smith County has a large underserved population of African American women in all areas of health and wellness. This includes but is not limited to breast cancer awareness, access to treatment for this diagnosis, and support systems necessary to assist in this battle. I welcome the opportunity for further discussion for the inclusion of African American women in the Smith County community.

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